This Credit Reduces Your Tax Bill Or Increases Your Refund Depending On The Tax You Owe.

Once.ou're application is approved, we'll work with you and your closing agent to complete the following steps: Ensure all loan approval and closing conditions have been met. We will order a property appraisal to make sure the value of your property meets our underwriting requirements. Check income eligibility . Get your free annual credit report and comb through it for errors and unresolved issues. Your mortgage loan originator can Interior design tips answer any questions you may have along the way. This credit reduces your tax bill or increases your refund depending on the tax you owe. To see what kind of taxes you might pay, you can ask your real estate agent to help you research the tax rate in the areas where your house hunting, or you can visit the county tax assessor’s website to find public records of taxes on homes in the neighbourhoods where you want to live. Homeless Shelter & Assistance - The Jefferson Family Care enter, operated by Catholic Charities of New Orleans, provides a residential shelter for homeless adults and their children. Contact: JeffCAP at 504 736-6480 Repairs on Wheels for the Elderly - This service provides minor home repairs for low and moderate-income elderly home-owners age 55 and older in Jefferson Parish.

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Find.ore.nformation on repaying the credit if your home is no longer your main home .  Learn more about documents we may request in our document library . You may or may not have to repay the credit, but you do need to report the change to the IRS on the Form 5405. First-time home buyers who purchased a home in 2009 can claim the credit on either a 2008 tax return or a 2009 tax return. Legislative changes in November 2009 expanded and extended the credit and also added documentation requirements for claiming the credit. FacebookEmail Twitter Google+ LinkedIn interest Before you even look at a single property, you need to know exactly how much you can afford. Advantage - down payment and closing cost assistance - can provide $3,500 toward the cash you need for closing. Where do you start?