Thatcher Played A Crucial Hand In Helping Britain Recovers From The 80s Depression.

Nationalization of Banks, Green Revolution, Nuclear Program, etc. Jane Austin December 16, 1775 - July 18, 1817 Although her novels were published anonymously Kitchen Splashbacks for most part, Jane Austin was much renowned for her socio-political commentary. Mary Higgins Clark December 24, 1927 Suspense novelist Mary Higgins Clark has written 42 books till date - each Plumbing Inspections of them a best-seller! Many experts believe Bonnie supplied the 'oomph' that was needed for Clyde's devilish mind to carry on their notorious activities. Joan of Arc January 6, 1412 - May 30, 1431 Born Jeanne d'Arc, she, as a young girl, had visions of angels asking her to free France from the clutches of the English army. It made switching and multitasking possible. Thatcher played a crucial hand in helping Britain recovers from the 80s depression. For Madonna, Emergency Electrician often considered the most powerful Go Here woman in the American entertainment business, fame and recognition have come from all quarters. Navratilova set the record for the longest winning streak of 74 matches - a record still unbroken. Jane Adams September 6, 1860 - May 21, 1935 Adams was a prominent social worker who advocated resettlement for European immigrants and opened the Hull House as a resettlement option for them.

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More importantly, in a phase where all its neighbours France, Italy, Netherlands were going through civilian unrest and political trouble, Britain, under Elizabeth I, was relatively peaceful and stable. She discovered two highly radioactive elements - polonium and radium - both or either of which form the base for modern-day nuclear technology. She was an on-screen legend and nothing justifies it more than the fact that Hepburn is one of the few Hollywood personalities to have grabbed all the prestigious acting awards at least once - Oscar, Emma, gramme and Tony. The museum, initially set up by Anna Marie Tussaud around 1835, displays waxworks of historical figures Supplier and famous personalities from around the world. Apart from her beauty, talent and fashion sense, Hepburn will forever be remembered for her path-breaking charity work in the impoverished areas of South America and Africa. She was abandoned by her mother when she was 4, had bouts of rage by the time she turned nine, was indulging in sexual activities in exchange of drugs, cigarettes and money in school at the age of 10, had become a prostitute at 11, and by the time she was in her thirties, she had murdered seven people and become a professional robber. She supported Xerxes by sending her men and five of her warships. For Madonna, often considered the most powerful woman in the American entertainment business, fame and recognition have come from all quarters. Known to the world as the most beautiful woman there ever was, Marilyn Monroe put on the mask of an all-desirable sex symbol to cover the hardships she went through. Mary anding May 21, 1799 - March 9, 1847 A British palaeontologist, Mary anding shot to fame for her research and findings in the Jurassic marine fossil beds in the Lyme Regis region in Dorset.